Top 5 Finance Apps for Investing, Budgeting & Saving Money

These days there are an abundance of apps aiming to help you make better decisions. Here are our top 5 smartphone apps that can help you reach some of your financial goals.

1. Moneyfarm

Cost: FREE     Phones: iPhone, Android

 Looking to create an investment portfolio? If so, then Moneyfarm is the app you need. It is a quick and convenient way to create a portfolio on the go. 

There is no minimum investment amount – customers can open an account with just £1. The app allows you to review your portfolio and withdraw money whenever you want.


2. Monzo

Cost: FREE     Phones: iPhone, Android

Monzo is a must have if you would like to keep track of how much you’re spending. Essentially, Monzo is a prepaid budgeting app.

 It is a Mastercard that links up to an app, letting you keep an eye on where you spend your cash day-to-day, sending notifications each time your card is used and how much you spent. No transactions are forgotten, so you can skip out having to calculate how much you’ve spent manually.

 The app even uses graphs to display your spending habits, which gives you a clear and accurate picture of your outgoings.


3. Yolt

Costs: FREE   Phones: iPhone, Android

Ever wanted to view all of your financial information, bank accounts and credit cards, in one place? Wanted to see your predicted expenses, spending patterns and look for deals? You can do all this and more with Yolt. 

Backed by a well-known and respected global bank ING, Yolt allows you to sync up all your different bank accounts and view them with ease on its app. In terms of security you may be worried about giving all your internet banking details to a third party app however they use bank level security to keep your information safe.

4. o2 Priority Moments

Costs: FREE   Phones: iPhone, Android, Windows 

Get that exclusive deal using this app. You can bag freebies and major discounts from high street stores near you. 

O2 offers deals that are instantly redeemable, from tickets to gigs to restaurant vouchers.

To download the app you have to be an o2 customer however if your phone is unblocked, you can buy a 1p O2 sim card from amazon then download the app whilst it’s in. When you change back to your original sim card over the app will be working perfectly as normal.

5. mySupermarket

Cost: FREE     Phones: iPhone, Android

 mySupermarket is definitely one for students. Create your shopping list on your phone via the mySupermarket website and the app will tell you which of the major supermarkets are selling those items at the lowest price.

This app will always make sure you’re paying the lowest price available.

Which apps do you use to keep your finance game in check? Let us know!

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