5 Ways to Make Extra Money

Raise your hand if you want to make some extra money! There are many ways to increase your income, but the method you choose would depend on your answer to the below questions:

  • - Why do you want this extra money? – to buy clothes, supplement your saving, house deposit, holidays, presents, etc.
  • - How many hours are you willing to put in? - Weekends, after work, minimal as possible, etc.
  • - How long for? – foreseeable future, until your goals are met, one year etc.
  • - How quickly do you want to see results?

Not only would these inform your decision, they will keep you going when struggling for motivation.

Here are 5 simple ways you to start making money today.

1. Become a Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper is someone who poses as a real customer to purchase goods and services from an organisation. The goods and services can range from retail store visits, taking a taxi or eating at restaurants. To become a mystery shopper, you will need to complete an online profile, and then apply for the opportunities which suit your profile.   

Check out this website, we found it to be the most consistent with opportunities. http://www.mystery-shoppers.co.uk/


2. Sell Unwanted Items Online

Clothing, accessories, furniture, electricals etc., if you no longer need it you can convert that clutter into cash. Apps & platforms such as Depop, eBay, Shpock & Gumtree allow you to list your items with ease.


3. Sell your Skills

What do you enjoy doing? What do you feel you can offer to others? Whether you’re a graphic designer or good at writing; Fiverr is a great website where you can sell your skills & talents. You can be really creative here and offer things like story telling or poetry writing. Other websites to check out are PeoplePerHour & Upwork; where you can undertake simple virtual admin tasks for a fee.

4. Become a Private Tutor

You can become a private tutor to help students with their general studies or GCSE / A Level exams. Formal qualifications are not required however you will be expected to have a track record of good grades as proof in the subject you’ve chosen to tutor. Key skills to have are good time management and patience…

Tutor Hunt, First Tutors

5. Provide On-Demand Services

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty, then becoming a handyman / general helper on platforms such as Task Rabbit and Bizzbee would be a great idea. You can make yourself available for jobs such as gardening, IKEA assembly, or even putting up shelves. Benefits include working to your own schedule and setting your own hourly rates.

These are only a few ways of making money, the possibilities are endless. Accelerating your income growth is crucial if you want to achieve your goals faster, but you need to be cognisant of the trade-offs between the extra money and your time & energy.

Let’s make this money!


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