4 Ways to Save on Valentine's Day


V Day or D Day? Valentine's is a monetised event where it’s easy to feel under pressure and go overboard with your spending to show a special one how much they mean to you. The cheapest way to do Valentines, is to not do it at all… but if you do plan to celebrate, here are a few ways to make your money go a little bit further and ensure that you have a memorable occasion.

1 - Food

Food is the language of Love. If it’s suitable with the person you’re dating, having a nice meal can be a simple and a fail-safe option.


Nothing says I love you more than a nice home cooked meal. Whether you do it from scratch or grab the special meal deals from Waitrose or M&S (Typically Starter, Main, Side & Dessert and bottle of Wine for £20 – absolute bargain)

 If location (and relationship) permits, then cooking a dinner can be a sure way to keep your costs low. Picking up some ingredients on the way home, good music, choosing a good Movie on Netflix and you could be on to a winner here. However, this situation may not suit everyone, you may not have the cooking skills, the free yard or you may not know the person that well to take them to your house lol.



The next best option would be checking out sites such as Timeout, Bookatable and Opentable. They usually have great deals that allow you to get meals at an expensive restaurant for almost half the price. Alternatively, you could opt for more “authentic” experiences e.g. local African, South American, European, Indian restaurants etc. Here you can get amazing food without the eye watering price. Some of my favourites are A Toca (Portugese), Enish (Nigerian), Sabor Peruano (Peruvian), Tayyabs (Indian), Devran (Turkish) all based in London

2. Flowers

You never notice how expensive flowers are until Valentines day. In the weeks running up to V Day, Roses can more than double in price! Here are a few alternatives to help you out on this one….

  1. Opt for a different colour
  2. From the 13th February, ALDI & LIDL are selling 12 roses for £5 or less. Absolute bargain.
  3. Purchase bouquets which have a bunch of different flowers but with one red rose
  4. Bloom & Wild – quite pricy, but they deliver without the cringyness. Plus, you can bag yourself a discount code if this is your first order

3. Gifts

Here is a chance to get creative. Think about a memorable gift that will make your partner laugh. Or perhaps set each other a challenge, for example having a £10/20 budget, so you then you have to put some thought and effort into it.

Alternatively, personalisation goes a long way, for example keyrings, wallets, necklace etc. In terms of jewellery, you can start a trend with charm bracelets – then every year you just purchase a new charm for the bracelet. Making the job easier for your future self!


4. Activities

Depending on how much time you have, an activity can be crucial to making it a great night. Additionally, you can skip the food and go straight for the activity which can help you save some money too. Here a few ideas of what you could do:

  • - Late night visit to the museum (Tate, National Gallery, Barbican, V&A, National History Museum)
  • - Theatre (app Today Tix for last minute cheap purchases),
  • - Concert / Parties (Design my night, DICE)
  • - Romantic views of the city (Shard, Primrose Hill, Hamstead Heath, any Rooftop Bar)
  • Comedy show (as little as £2 a ticket)
  • - Axe Throwing, Darts, Ping Pong
  • - Watch a Basketball Match (London Lions)


During the Valentine’s season, peer pressure or so called social norms can cause you to make bad decisions that can affect your financial circumstances. But making your partner feel loved is free, so you should never feel under pressure to spend ridiculous amounts to quantify your love. This is a time to feel happy and enjoy the company of your partner, and with some preparation you’ll be able to make it special without breaking the bank.


Any other tips you’d like to share? We would love to hear from you 🙂






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