Current Accounts
Current accounts provide you with the ability to manage your day to day spending, overdrafts, direct debits etc. There are a plethora of different current accounts available and in most cases the main account that you are using is probably the same one that you had when you signed up for your first bank account. These days it is easy and simple to switch bank accounts via the ‘Current account Switch Service’, but before attempting to switch the first question you need to ask your self is which account is best at providing what is important to you. See below for a summary of each type of current account and which bank provider is top for the month.


These accounts offer an incentive for using it actively for paying bills or through spending such as % cash back on direct debit bills, or debit card transactions up to a certain limit. Many of these types of accounts come with a monthly fee or certain conditions, so make sure you are eligible before applying otherwise the costs could outweigh the gains.
2% unlimited cashback
£125 cashback when you switch


If you are someone who maintains a balance in your current account then there are accounts that offer some great interest rates that are even better than what most savings accounts offer. Those who do offer this, it is likely that it will be during a limited time period so you may have to switch accounts again after a year if you want to continue to benefit. If you’re someone who has minimal control when it comes to spending your savings CLICK HERE to read on how to make this account work like a typical savings account.
1.5% interest on balances up to £20,000
0% 1st 3 months


These benefits can include insurance (phone, travel etc.), breakdown cover and even cash back. Sounds like a steal, but it’s very likely that these accounts will have a fee. Ensure that the benefits received outweigh the monthly cost.
Loyalty Rewards
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